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Because of website space, only a few of the most recent messages are linked to an MP3 file online. Other messages from the past are listed so that you know what is available by request from the audio ministry. 

Instructions for Downloading:
You will notice that many web sites only allow you to listen to streaming audio.   With streaming audio you cannot save the audio on your computer.   This is done to protect the site’s proprietary audio. Since all of our needs are met by offerings taken at our church, you can have these audio messages for free. You can copy them onto CDs for distribution to friends (please don’t charge). They can be a great outreach tool. Use these messages for your personal edification, or use them in your own message preparation.

B.E.Winship Harbor Bible Messages:


The Following Messages are available on CD:

  • Messages from Matthew (2007-06-03 to 2008-07)  - 59 messages on the book of Matthew are available on CD
  • Sermon on the Mount Series  (2007-01-14 to 2007-05-27) - 20 messages on the Sermon on the Mount are available on CD
  • Ten Commandment Series (2006-06-11 to 2006-09-10) - 14 messages on the Ten Commandments are available on CD)
  • Bible Prophecy Series  (2006-09-17 to 2007-01-07) - 15 messages on Bible prophecy are available on CD upon request