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Harbor Tracts and Brochures

Harbor Tracts were written by Pastor Brad to help members of Harbor Bible in their local outreach.  Not only are these brochures good for evangelism, but they make for helpful, short, topical Bible studies. Churches have used these brochures for their tract racks and welcome tables. Harbor Tracts are copywrited, but we make them available to you as a pdf downloads free of charge.  All we ask is that you do not publish the tracts for profit, nor change the content.  You may include your church name and contact information on the back of the tract. You may translate them into different languages.
  • There are two PDF versions of each tract  (1) The readable version  (2) The four-fold brochure print version
  • The “four-fold borchure print version” is laid out to be printed on both sides of a legal size sheet of paper and then four folded. I highly recommend that you take the “print version” pdf file to your local Staples or print shop and have them print the brochures in color on a heavy weight gloss paper. 

In the near future we hope to have the capacity to allow you to order the printed brochure from us at cost.   If you have any questions email us at, or call 732-583-9286.

Personal Sanctification Tracts

What does the Bible say about Fear and Anxiety? 
What does the Bible say about Anger? 
What does the Bible say about Depression? 
What does the Bible say about the Sin of Lust? 
What does the Bible say about Drugs & Alcohol?
What does the Bible sayabout Homosexuality 
What does the Bible say about Marital Conflict
  • “Marital Conflict” reading version
  • “Marital Conflict” Printing version